I love to eat and I enjoy cooking, but I have no intention of creating yet another recipe site. There are way too many recipe sites out here on the web and this is not going to be yet another one serving the same recipes.

For sure there will be some recipes on this site but in most cases they won't be anything you can find elsewhere on the web unless it was copied from here.

Like many of you, I love to try new things and tweak them a bit. Sometimes a simple addition or deletion to a recipe creates something entirely different. When I modify a recipe I have found online or in a book I fully intend to attribute the source.

There will also be articles about food and cooking and that go beyond just throwing out a recipe. In fact most of my recipes will be within the body of an article.

If you have a favorite family recipe you would like to share or if you would like to write an article about cooking and see it published on the web, please read the article guidelines and drop us an email via our contact form.

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Homemade Banana Custard Part 1
So what the heck is banana custard? Most people call it banana pudding. If it is made right it is custard. If the quick methods are used than pudding is the correct term. It is nothing more that va......Read More

Homemade Banana Custard Part 2
Before I share the recipes I want to stress the term "ripe banana". Most of you have never seen a ripe one or you threw it away if you did. Ripe is when the skin is completely freckled with brown ......Read More

Corned Beef and Cabbage
Saint Paddy's Day is just around the corner and that means corned beef and cabbage time. Most all the supermarkets have the beef brisket and sale and all one need do is learn how to cook it. Learning......Read More

Crow can be tasty
I am going to tell you right up front; I am writing this post under duress. The wife is holding a gun to my head and says I must confess.......Read More

Save money and don't waste - Make Beef Pucks
About a year ago I got really tired of wasting ground beef so I invented my 'puck system'. I took whatever was leftover after the first meal and using the half cup metal measuring cup I compressed the......Read More

The Recipe and Process for Great Chili
Chili making is a process and the process must be followed to yield a consistent product that will have them begging for more. For that reason I will spend more time than most recipes writers do talk......Read More

The Secrets of Making Great Chili
When the children were young and our finances were a little stretched I learned how to make a most tasty chili con carne that was more beans then it was meat. My kids turned up their noses at the tho......Read More

A Superb Winter Meal--Vegetable-Beef Soup
When I was a young boy the meal I hated the most was fried corm mush. On the other hand the meal I loved the most was my grandmother's homemade vegetable-beef soup.......Read More

Southern Style Cooked Down Green Beans from a Microwave
My grandmother used to spend all day making green beans. First she picked them. Then she capped, stringed and broke them. If I happened by, I got stuck helping with the breaking and the stringing. Th......Read More

Two Minute Breakfast Sandwiches at Home
After some trial and error I think I have perfected the two minute breakfast sandwich. If you want meat on your sandwich is takes a little prep work ahead of time......Read More