A network cable is unplugged

About six or eight months ago my computer started telling that a network cable was unplugged. A few seconds later it would tell me I was connected. Now I knew this just wasn't true. I did not move from my chair for the whole 10 seconds or so. Nothing had changed; things were like they had been for years.

The other night, I asked by son about it. He said, "I hate to be Captain Obvious but have you checked the cable?"

"No", nothing has changed.

In an unusual display of kindness ** he replied, "It might be a loose connection or even a bad wire; an intermittent contact problem".

So the next day I checked them all and found them secure, but before I left the basement I grabbed a new 3 foot cable off the workbench since the only thing I had not checked was the 3 foot cable from the wall to my computer. I felt sure the wires in the wall had not suddenly developed problems.

I went back upstairs and all was fine for a bit and then the problem returned. What the heck, I thought. So I unplugged that 3 foot cable and added the replacement.

I still don't know if it was a bad plug on one end of the old cable or a kink in the wire that I bumped as I shifted my mouse around. I do know the replacement cable solved the problem.

The moral of the story is that even Microsoft Windows is right part of the time!

** I really hate to edit a post once it is made, but this situation requires it. I meant to say, "In an unusual display of kindness for an IT person speaking to a layman he replied"

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