Save money and don't waste - Make Beef Pucks

It seems like the grocery stores are not willing to make a pre-packaged pack of ground beef that weights less than a pound and half or more. I do understand their reasoning. They have to cover the cost of a tray, the plastic wrap, the computer printed label and the butcher's time.

Those larger sizes worked well for us before we became empty nesters, but they just haven’t worked at all since then and after my wife had lap-band surgery the problem even got worse. We would buy the package and routinely waste a third or more of it.

About a year ago I got really tired of wasting ground beef so I invented my 'puck system'. I took whatever was leftover after the first meal and using the half cup metal measuring cup I compressed them into 1/4 pound rounds and froze them. My method is to place a piece of waxed paper on the kitchen counter, dump the meat onto that and used the measuring cup like a big cookie cutter. Here is an image of the type of measuring cup I use. You can buy them from by clicking on the image, if you don't already own a set.

I jokingly called them hockey pucks and we still do, but since I do not want a lot of ticked off sports fans leaving nasty comments, I am changing the name to 'beef pucks' for this post.

When the wife is away on business one beef puck makes my dinner using a variety of different recipes; more about that later. When she is home two beef pucks make our dinner. No waste!

If you are single this might be a great way to save your meat and your money.

Also note that the full cup size one make a really nice 1/2 pound ground beef steak.

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