Crow can be tasty

I am going to tell you right up front; I am writing this post under duress. The wife is holding a gun to my head and says I must confess.

About a year and a half ago she came home with this cute little whisk that at the time I considered worthless. Sucker bait I called it. What would one ever do with something like that? Here is an image and you can buy from Amazon by clicking on the image if you want to.

Where were we? Oh, back to my confession, I honestly have found this to be the best darn whip in my drawer. With the rounded perimeter and the flat bottom, it is perfect for whipping up most any gravy or sauce. It works about 100 times better for a small batch of anything than the standard whisks do. I honestly use it more than any other whisk in my arsenal.

It isn't a commercial grade product for use where large batches are routinely made. I am using that as my excuse for my initial rejection.

Honey! Can you please put away the gun now?

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