Two Minute Breakfast Sandwiches at Home

I never seemed to have enough time for the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Going though Mickey's drive-thru is a mile out of my way, a 5-9 minute ordeal most mornings and costs three to four dollars.

After some trial and error I think I have perfected the two minute breakfast sandwich. If you want meat on your sandwich is takes a little prep work ahead of time*.

The basic recipe requires that you have on hand:
Your favorite bread or muffin,
Butter or margarine,
Cheese as wrapped singles,
Pam or similar spray shortening.

Put your bread in the toaster or toaster oven. Spray a Corelle or other small, round microwave proof bowl with the spray shortening. Break your egg into the bowl and whip with a fork. Nuke the egg on high heat for 25 seconds, let it rest while your bread toasts. When the bread is done or almost done, nuke the egg for 25 seconds more. Butter your bread and add the cheese. Add the egg.

Sit down and enjoy your twenty-five cent sandwich (50-75 cents with meat), rinse and slide the single bowl and fork into the sink or dishwasher for later washing. Get to work on time with no drive through hassles.

If you absolutely love the taste of wax paper, you can always wrap your sandwich in some and take it with you to eat in the car.

*Meat option requires pre-cooked bacon or sausage which is nuked for 20-25 seconds in the bowl and removed before spraying the bowl with spray shortening. Cooked bacon will keep in the Fridge for up to a month and pre-cooked sausage is good for a week. The pre-cooked sausage patties can be purchased at the grocery or the clubs.

This article in a modified form was originally published by me in 2006 on the website which I owned at the time. If there is a site with that name now, I have no affiliation with it.

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