Random Bytes

This is where my short posts will be placed. I decided to call it Random Bytes in keeping with the site theme.

It might be somethin' I saw, read, thought, heard, or even dreamed about. It may even contain links to something I think you might enjoy reading or if not enjoy maybe should read. Of course that would be "in my opinion" . After a click or two on any links I provide, you can decide whether or not to respect my opinion.

I promise to create a political category before posting that type of thing in this one. This one is just for short comments I hope you will enjoy.

A network cable is unplugged
About six or eight months ago my computer started telling that a network cable was unplugged. A few seconds later it would tell me I was connected. ......Read More

Friday the 13th must be real
We all make mistakes. Us older folks may do it more often. I forget.......Read More

The Morning After
......Read More

Hello World
Only a fool would launch on Friday 13th......Read More