Memory Lane

In this section of the site you will find longer articles, stories and maybe even some images from the past. Some may be perceived sweet and poignant others may seem bittersweet. Some may be serious, some humorous and some just because I feel like writing them.

I promise you they are all real. I have one or two things festering in my mind that may upset some readers but the stories are real, such was life in the South in the 60's. Many things both good and bad that were true in the 60's are no longer. If they are relevant at all it is only to demonstrate where we came from; for aren't we all to some degree the sum total of our experiences.

All of these stories will be based on personal experiences or observations from a person who grew up in a somewhat rural setting in the state of Kentucky in the last half of the 20th century. The memories will range from childhood, the transition to young adulthood, parenthood and finally approaching oncoming senility. I will publish them as the mood strikes me and in no particular order.

I may in some cases change the names to protect the guilty. happy smilie

An unwelcome chance for redemption
My Uncle Earl sorta hung the moon in the sky as far as I was concerned. He never married or had children so he tended to spoil an already spoiled child, me. ......Read More

The first death
Let's time warp over to December of 1962. Every child has to learn about and how to deal with death. I fully intend for this article to 100% compatible in language and grammar for any 11 year old chi......Read More

Where did all the jobs go
All of those things are to blame but there are two more critical things that killed jobs in the last 25 years of the 20th century. Come take a trip down memory lane with me and see if we can answer wh......Read More