Cooking for Singles

If you are a single person, or a person like me who has a spouse who had a 'lap-band procedure' you probably get frustrated when visiting recipe sites. The recipes all make way more food than you care to cook and eat. I admit it has been a hard path I followed for the last few years. You want to cook plenty, hate leftovers and do not want to waste food.

Then we factor in the fact fact that she normally travels a couple of days a week. I wish I could say I was home alone on those days, but alas, I am not she leaves the damn dog here with me. I am only feeding one from the table and the recipes, the tomato based ones especially are just for little old me.

In this category there will be a mix of articles and recipes. To the best of my ability I will make the recipes modular. By that I mean easy to double, treble or quadruple.

Save money and don't waste - Make Beef Pucks
It seems like the grocery stores are not willing to make a pre-packaged pack of ground beef that weights less than a pound and half or more. I do understand their reasoning. They have to cover the c......Read More